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3 Advantages of a Custom Home Theater System

Bring Home the Movies, Sports, and Gaming

3 Advantages of a Custom Home Theater System

Quick, name the last movie you saw in the theater. If you’ve been to the movies recently, you may have noticed that nearly every other weekend there’s a new comic book movie out: Batman v. Superman, Captain America, Deadpool. For those of us who love superheroes, this is great. But what if you could enjoy any film you like in the comfort of a custom home theater system? No longer would you be bothered by fellow movie goers who send and receive text messages throughout the entire film, or the 13-year old child who accidently spills their Coke on you. Instead, you get to choose the best seat in the house, always have your favorite snack on hand, and the movie show time is dictated by the family member holding the ultra-sleek remote. Read on to learn how you can bring the thrill of the big screen to your New York home.

Enjoy your favorite film with family and friends
With a high-performance home theater, you can now host movie nights and enjoy your favorite films the same way you would have in the theater but with all the perks of being in the comfort of your home. Imagine the video projector turns on, the projection screen lowers from the ceiling, and the lights gradually dim as the entire family relaxes in comfortable theater seats. By consolidating all of the technical functions of a home theater into a simple to use remote or touchscreen, hosting movie night is a breeze. But don’t limit the fun to just movies. With a variety of cable providers and streaming services available, you can also watch TV shows, sporting events, and maybe even a little mindless reality TV.

Cheer your favorite sports team to victory
If you can’t be on the 50-yardline or don’t have courtside season tickets than the next best place to be is in your private home theater. Gone are the days of piling on the couch every Sunday in front of a regular TV set to watch a football game. A custom home theater provides you the ultimate visual and audio experience so that you feel like you are inside the stadium. We recommend pairing a projector that supports 4K streaming devices with a motorized projection screen. The combination can deliver significantly more value per square inch than a flat screen TV.

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Challenge the family to some friendly competition
Nothing brings family and friends together quite like entertainment, especially when you add in a little competition. Sure lots of us play games like Candy Crush and Minecraft on our smartphones, but adding a gaming console to your home theater system will bring the entire family together in one room. There are a number of family-friendly video games such as Hasbro's Family Game Night, Mario Kart, and Rock Band. For the solo gaming enthusiast, a large screen with bone-rattling surround sound equates to a fully immersive experience. Imagine playing a war game like Call of Duty or racing in Gran Turismo surrounded by the latest in home theater technology and high-end comforts.

Whether you want to binge-watch the latest Netflix original series or challenge the kids to a round of virtual bowling, a custom home theater designed and installed by the enthusiast at IES will provide hours of entertainment and memories the whole family will remember. With a variety of electronics to choose from, we’ll help you find the right ones to fit your particular space, meet your impeccable personal style, and ensure it is easy to use. Speak to one of our home theater experts today by calling 914-422-0071 or fill out our contact form at your convenience.

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