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Creating a Memorable Experience with Home Automation

Savant’s Newest App Makes Your Home Even Smarter

Creating a Memorable Experience with Home Automation

Every person has a different comfort level with technology. Some are more skeptical of it and are afraid it will be too fancy or complicated, while others quickly embrace it, finding a thrill in the latest gadget or tech solution.

At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we firmly believe that home automation is for everyone. It will not only provide you with the basics of operating your living space, but it will make your life easier, bringing new opportunities for memorable experiences. Whether you have an affinity for technology or just want an easy way to manage your day, our professionals can provide a unique design for your home.

Control systems simplify your living space by eliminating the clutter of multiple remotes, switches, and buttons—but did you know they can even create unique experiences in your home customized to your lifestyle? Savant’s newest app goes beyond the basics of the on and off switch and helps you create lasting memories, traditions, and pure fun for everyone in the house.

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Will Shading Control Make Your Business Cool?

Let Integrated Electronic Solutions count the ways wireless technology elevates your professionalism & productivity

Will Shading Control Make Your Business Cool?

Sunlight can be just as invigorating at work as it is when you let it shine into your home. At the office, however, it can also create glare and overheat spaces and ultimately decrease productivity…not to mention offering a less-than optimal impression for visiting clients. Walking that fine line between healthy natural light and oppressive warmth used to be a difficult challenge. However, new wireless remote options have recently been designed to optimize comfort and lower energy costs. And when you work with an established professional technology firm like Integrated Electronic Solutions, your office shade systems can also be automated and integrated with other controls for additional savings and comfort.

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What Technology Integrations Can You Introduce Into Your Yacht?

Integrated Electronic Solutions offers Full Control to Marine Craft Owners

What Technology Integrations Can You Introduce Into Your Yacht?

While a day sailing the high seas is a great time to experience the peace and quiet of the ocean, there are times when the comforts of the shore are calling. As crafts become larger and more sophisticated a variety of on board computer systems and other options are available for installation. At Integrated Electronic Solutions we specialize in bringing these technologies to your yacht or luxury vessel. Our talented team of engineers can bring you a fully integrated system that is designed to work in unison. Yet, what kind of systems are available to bring to your marine vessel? 

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