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3 Ways Home Automation Makes Parenting Easier

IES Keeps You Connected to Your Family in Your New York Home

3 Ways Home Automation Makes Parenting Easier

We’ve all heard about a mother’s intuition.  A feeling or hunch that allows a mother not only to meet her children’s needs but recognize them well in advance. At IES, our custom-made home automation solutions integrate that intuition into your home. With a house dedicated to aiding your day-to-day parenting, you can make the most of the time with your kids. We know how fast it flies by!

Create the Perfect Setting

Don’t worry about recreating the exact conditions when you finally get your 3-month-old to fall asleep. With home automation by Savant, you can save the conditions in the room into a scene labeled ‘Peaceful Baby’ to recreate the light, audio and temperature settings that did the job. You can edit the scene at later times when you find new combinations work better.

Fast-forward fifteen years. It’s time to wake your kids up and get them ready for school. You can create a ‘Wake up’ scene that turns on the lights and music in their rooms at a certain hour to get them out of bed. Most importantly, since the scene is preset, you don’t have to face their unruly morning behavior.

Keep Tabs on Your Kids

How many times have your kids promised to call you as soon as they were home then left you in suspense for hours? With a security system integrated into your smart home, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone with an accompanying snapshot every time someone enters or leaves the house. While they’re home alone, you can stream video from your home surveillance cameras remotely so you know they are safe no matter where you are.

With multi-room audio and video, you can track what is being watched in every room from your central control device, making it harder for your children to skirt parental controls you may have placed on inappropriate channels or programs. If your kids start playing their music a little too loudly, you can lower it remotely from your own smart device.   

Provide an Exciting Family Activity  

All the hard work finally pays off when you get to bring everyone together on a lazy Sunday afternoon. However, it may be a little difficult to pry people away from their respective rooms. Which is why it helps to offer activities that can generate excitement for everyone in the family.

Create a movie-viewing experience for the whole family to enjoy with a dedicated home theater. With IES’ partnership with Stealth Acoustics, you can even have your theater built on your outdoor patio with full surround sound and an LED screen. When not in use, every system comes with a weather-proof containment to house your speakers, subwoofers and screen. If you want a more interactive activity during the summer months, you can have a cookout by the pool while the family takes turns streaming music to your outdoor speakers.

Home automation is about making your day-to-day life simple and we know for parents there’s nothing more important than keeping their kids safe. Contact us to find a custom-designed solution to meet the needs of your New York home. 


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