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7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Warmer Months

Entertainment and Lighting Options to Fill Your Summer with Fun

7 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Warmer Months

After several months of being forced inside due to cold weather, recording setting snow falls, and shorter days, it’s time to start thinking about how you will enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer. Lutron lighting and Coastal Source has an array of solutions to light up your summer nights. Here are seven ideas to make the most of your outdoor spaces in Westchester, NY.

Transition from Day to Night
As the sun sets on those late summer nights, there’s no need to rush inside to turn on outdoor lights. With an automated lighting system from Lutron, you can turn on the lights with ease using a hand-held wireless remote.

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7 ways to get your home ready for warmer weather 2

Enhance Curb Appeal
Does your home’s front entrance make a great first impression? Besides welcoming you home each day, the view from the street significantly impacts potential home buyers. Whether you are planning to sell your home now or in the future, the money spent improving your front entrance is almost always reflected in increased resale value of the property.

Illuminate Your Landscape
Is yours the house on the block with the perfectly manicured lawn, expertly trimmed trees, and immaculate looking garden? Why not show it off at night with landscape lighting. Whether you want to highlight a specimen tree, an architectural detail of your home, or provide soft lighting to a particular area, our friends at Coastal Source offer a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures that not only meet your needs but also withstand the elements.

Add a Festive Feel to Outdoor Spaces
Transform your patio or porch into a welcoming space to pass the long summer evenings. Flexible, easy-to-use LED tape lights have become a popular way to accent porch railings, windows, and doorways. It’s simple to install and comes in a variety of colors and lengths. Line the outer edge of the pool or wooden beams to give your backyard a festive feel. Plus, you can leave them out year-round for a dreamy wintertime look when the snow returns.

Personalize Your Pathways
Ensure the safety of your family and guests by lining pathways, stairs, and other outdoor areas with lighting fixtures. Coastal Source offers three unique path lights styles that provide subtle illumination and superior dependability that you can count on. Path lights come in different finishes and sizes for greater personalization of your outdoor living space. The Coastal Source LED step light offers low-level illumination for stairs and other vertical surfaces. Regardless of the layout of your outdoor spaces, there is a lighting solution to complement it.

Accessorize Your Summer Nights
Want to add a backyard accessory the whole family can enjoy? A fire pit creates an instant gathering space for guests and provides both light and ambiance. It also has a bonus function, a venue for backyard marshmallow roasts. This fun and functional accessory would be a great addition to any deck or patio.

7 ways to get your home ready for warmer weather 1

Create Your Own View of Paradise
Turn your backyard into the best view in the neighborhood with an outdoor television that will delight and amaze family and friends alike. We’ll help you create a full entertainment experience outside and make your patio, pool area, or porch an outdoor oasis. Séura Outdoor TVs combine elegant design with advanced technology to deliver the very best outdoor entertainment venue you can find. No matter how brutal the climate or conditions, Séura Outdoor TVs are carefully tested to thrive outside.

Whether you plan to barbecue with friends, garden with your significant other, or relax on the couch poolside, we have lighting and entertainment solutions to make summer 2016 unforgettable. Complete our questionnaire to learn more.

Dean Valencic also contributed to this article.


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