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Control4’s OS 3 Offers More Benefits Than Ever Before

Work with a Control4 Dealer for a Professional Installation or Upgrade

Control4’s OS 3 Offers More Benefits Than Ever Before

Your smart home automation should elevate every aspect of your life. From added convenience and security to energy-saving and luxurious characteristics, your Control4 smart system can enhance your entire property. And with their latest offering, the Smart Home OS 3 update, Control4 delivers peak excellence and user friendliness.

Simplifying and streamlining your whole smart home just got a whole lot easier. You can bring together every smart device and technology in your space and have them work in unison better than you’ve ever seen.

With brand-new features and a streamlined interface, OS 3 makes managing all your connected solutions as easy as tapping one button. Use just one device to operate every technology in your New York City home.

Want to find out more about Control4’s OS 3 and how your trusted Control4 dealer, Integrated Electronic Solutions, can install or upgrade your system? Keep reading on below.

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Brand-New OS 3 Features

One of the most popular updates that OS 3 brings to your Control4 system is the “Favorites” feature. When you want all your highly used technologies and devices right at your fingertips, the Favorites feature lets you have easy, one-touch control for every solution and scene you use daily. Every preferred smart technology will be available right at the top of your smartphone or tablet app, or on your TV’s interface. You’ll get what you want to be done sooner and simpler than ever before.

Favorites also lets you have an “at-a-glance” view of any area or room in your home, and any smart device as well. Check in on specific spaces and view areas via your room’s tablet or touchpad. Secure your smart locks and view surveillance footage in just seconds when they’re readily available at the top of your screen.

The Control4 OS 3 also enhances your whole home audio video in every way. The “Active Media” feature lets you adjust every minute AV detail. You can also use the “Sessions” feature to decide which rooms you play your music or media in and can change the playlist or movie, stop the AV in one area, and continue playing it in another with ease.

Make changes to your audio video system with a push of a button and adjust other home automation scenes and schedules, such as lighting control and motorized shades, with zero hassle. The update’s sleek and intuitive new interface also makes it easy to operate every technology from any type of smart device you choose. Control4 OS 3 completely uncomplicates the operation of your smart home.

Install or Update Your Control4 System

If you’re interested in the OS 3, then it’s time for the next step in bringing this top-notch solution to your home. When you team up with a Control4 dealer like Integrated Electronic Solutions, you won’t have to worry about any tedious details, like programming and customizing each space. Whether you’re upgrading your existing Control4 system or implementing a new one, our professional integrators make the process seem simple.

You might be aiming to bring Control4 OS 3 to your entire home or just a few rooms at a time for now – either way, we’ve got you covered. You can customize your system how you see fit – the OS 3 is scalable, setting you up for the smart home system of your dreams when the project is finished.

Want to find out more about Control4’s latest update, the Smart Home OS 3? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you.

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