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Creating a Memorable Experience with Home Automation

Savant’s Newest App Makes Your Home Even Smarter

Creating a Memorable Experience with Home Automation

Every person has a different comfort level with technology. Some are more skeptical of it and are afraid it will be too fancy or complicated, while others quickly embrace it, finding a thrill in the latest gadget or tech solution.

At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we firmly believe that home automation is for everyone. It will not only provide you with the basics of operating your living space, but it will make your life easier, bringing new opportunities for memorable experiences. Whether you have an affinity for technology or just want an easy way to manage your day, our professionals can provide a unique design for your home.

Control systems simplify your living space by eliminating the clutter of multiple remotes, switches, and buttons—but did you know they can even create unique experiences in your home customized to your lifestyle? Savant’s newest app goes beyond the basics of the on and off switch and helps you create lasting memories, traditions, and pure fun for everyone in the house.

Plan Special Occasions Faster

Savant lets you create a home that is uniquely yours with an app on your mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet, and computer. The system is customized to mirror the rhythms of your daily routine. One example is the button “date night”. If you and your partner love having an intimate dinner every Friday night, you can plan the date in advance by creating a playlist of your favorite music --like jazz-- to create the ambience, and choosing a lighting setting that dims the dining room. By just clicking “date night”, the mood is set and the evening is ready.

Stay Feeling Relaxed While You’re Away

Vacations or business trips take a lot of planning to execute perfectly. In the days prior to your departure, instead of running around trying to remember every item to turn off, a home automation system can do it all for you. The “vacation” button can be tailored to cover everything on your to do list, from setting the temperature to a level that saves energy, to lowering shades and turning a security system on. Your relaxing vacation begins with the press of a button, not after clearing a long list of errands. And you’ll stay relaxed knowing your home is safe with the ability to monitor your home through security cameras and alerts on a mobile device from miles away.

Set a Routine and Forget About It

Though special occasions and getaways take more planning, setting a daily routine can sometimes be equally as difficult and time consuming. With Savant’s home automation system, your house can be programmed to a specific setting and run on auto pilot. With Lutron lighting and shading, the house wakes up before you do by turning on lights and drawing the curtains. Sensors can also be installed to detect a new guest in a room and automatically bring the lights on. When you leave, it simply shuts off saving energy and money on your next electric bill. “Set it and forget it” is not limited to the kitchen gadgets anymore—your home is sophisticated enough to do it too.

Integrated Electronic Solutions is now offering Savant Systems to the New York and Connecticut area, including New York City, Westchester County, and Greenwich. Call us and see how Savant Systems can create these special moments with family and friends, take the worry and stress out of travel, and make your daily routine go smoother. With a home this smart that does the planning for you, you won’t regret the investment in this latest technology.

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