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Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces Day and Night with Landscape Lighting

Coastal Source LED Lighting Helps Extend Indoor Living to the Outdoors

Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces Day and Night with Landscape Lighting

Every year, spring and summer beckon us to the outdoors to enjoy the warm sun, bright blue skies, and scents of the seasons. Now is the time to prepare your backyard spaces for lounging, entertaining, and all the other fun activities you like to enjoy outdoors.

As you tend to your gardens and clean off your patio furniture, be sure to consider your outdoor lighting. Proper landscape lighting can extend your favorite outdoor activities well into the evening.

Whether you sport a small rooftop backyard in New York City or a spacious yard in the suburbs of Westchester, Coastal Source landscape lighting can bring new life to your outdoor living spaces. Discover the possibilities below.

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Set the Mood

Besides helping you see, lighting plays a key role in creating the ambiance for any outdoor activity after dark. Whether it’s a warm glow around the patio for a meal under the stars or bright uplights to create drama for a large outdoor party, lighting helps set the stage.

We love Coastal Source for outdoor lighting because they offer various unique LED fixtures that create the perfect light for any environment. Choose from aimable bullet lights, subtle path lights, diffused wash lights, tree downlights, step lights, and micro-sized niche lights that fit virtually anywhere to add discrete lighting in places where traditional fixtures would be too obtrusive or bright.

Increase Safety and Security

The reasons for investing in outdoor lighting are both aesthetic and practical. Landscape lighting means you no longer must limit your time in the backyard to daylight hours. A proper landscape lighting design adds beauty to your yard, but it also increases safety by lighting walkways and entries. Likewise, it increases security by shedding light onto areas where potential intruders may come lurking after dark.

Enjoy Your Lights in Rain or Shine

Coastal Source creates light fixtures that withstand the harsh elements of coastal regions, where salty air and water can quickly corrode the housing and performance of traditional outdoor lights. But their products also defy the elements beyond salty conditions! In rain, heat, snow, and sleet, Coastal Source lighting fixtures and cabling stand against Mother Nature so you can enjoy your lighting for years.

Their plug + play Coastal Connector also provides the most reliable way to make weatherproof lighting connections in your backyard. Connections are the top cause of failure in traditional lighting systems. The IP68-rated Coastal Connector is waterproof and airtight, eliminating the need to cut, waterproof, and splice wire in the field. Its plug + play capability also makes reconfiguring or adding lights throughout your yard much simpler with just a few twists.

BONUS: Pair Your Lights with Sound

You don’t have to confine music to the indoors when you add Coastal Source speakers to your outdoor living spaces! Coastal Source audio products not only offer rich, high-fidelity sound but also defy the elements. Choose from the stately three-way Bollard for directional sound on the patio, the Mini Ellipse Bollard for powerful but discreet sound on the deck, or scalable Modulus Bullet Speakers that blend with your foliage and offer evenly distributed sound from the entryway to the corners of your yard.

Work with a Landscape Lighting Expert

Partner with Integrated Electronic Solutions to transform your backyard. As an experienced leader in landscape lighting design, audio systems, and other home technology and entertainment solutions, we’re your one-stop-shop for creating a memorable outdoor living space.

To schedule a free consultation, contact our team here or call (914) 422-0071. We look forward to hearing from you!

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