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How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Home Theater System?

IES Designs a Versatile Custom System to Fit Your New York Home

How Can You Get The Most Out of Your Home Theater System?


Custom home theater systems have become a hallmark of many homes as technology has made them increasingly accessible. However, in today’s fast-moving world it has become harder to sit the family down to watch a movie even in the comfort of your home. How can you reconcile the two trends to make sure your home theater is a worthy investment?

IES can design a custom theater that goes beyond a personalized movie-watching experience, allowing the room to serve multiple purposes to avoid going unused for long periods of time. Read on to see how you can ensure your room goes from a movie ‘dungeon’ to a multi-purpose entertainment space. 



Choose the Right Framework

From the initial wire framework installation, our expert integrators guide you through the process to ensure your space is scalable. With comprehensive pre-wiring on your project, you don’t have to open up your walls and add new cable every time you want to add technology or expand your entertainment system to other areas of your room. Our designs are primed to incorporate upgrades or new releases to keep your home theater equipped with the highest quality components available.

Optimize Your Technology

What differentiates your versatile home theater from a simple multi-purpose media room? Every aspect of it is primed to accentuate the technology in the room. This makes it a perfect room not only for watching movies but also for other activities like playing video games or listening to music.

For example, a screen with a wider viewing area and good light deflection can be perfect to play video games. For audiophiles, the acoustic treatments in the room combined with Sonance hi-fidelity speakers allow for every subtlety in the music to be heard without interruptions.  

Integrate Smart Control

Make it easy for family members to transition from one activity to the other with smart home automation, which puts all the components in the room into a centralized user interface. With the press of a button you can access a ‘scene’ that matches your mood. Press ‘Cinema’ and the lights dim, shades lower and your film begins playing. Press the ‘Music’ scene to turn on overhead lights and colored LED bulbs to add a fresh tone to the room. Access a centralized music library with thousands of songs to find the music you want to listen to.

Expand Your Décor

Advances in home theater technology have allowed for some leeway when it comes to your interior design. You no longer need to be stuck in a dungeon with dark walls and furniture to get high-quality images. Paint the walls welcoming colors and add your favorite movie or sports team decorations to liven up the room.

Make sure your home theater system is worth the investment. Contact IES to begin working on a custom design that fits the diverse needs of your New York space and your family. 


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