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Lutron Vive Transforms Commercial Lighting Control

Simplify and Economize Your New York Business

Lutron Vive Transforms Commercial Lighting Control

If you own a business in New York City, you have possibly experienced the convenience and financial benefits of commercial lighting control. Automated office lighting is a wonderful way to manage your electricity use and create a warm and stylish space. If you haven’t employed the power of lighting control, you may be wondering what it does. This intuitive technology consists of a network that allows you to control all your lights fixtures through one system. You can easily manage your electric bills and have extraordinary oversight. Recently, Lutron--a premier provider of automated lighting--released their revolutionary Vive series. It specializes in large systems, like a New York office. Read on to learn more. 

What is Vive?

With the Vive series, Lutron sought to create a lighting system for large buildings. They were also attempting to further streamline commercial lighting control. Their solution was to create a modular wireless system. The devices that control your lights locally communicate with a wireless hub that communicates with your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust lighting settings through these light switches, touchscreens, wall panels, or your Lutron app. The design is intended to blend seamlessly into an existing Lutron system or introduce lighting control to the building.

If you are worried about this new wireless system taking up precious bandwidth, Lutron has thought of that as well. All Vive devices utilize a patented technology called Clear Control that operates on an uncongested radio frequency. This way your lighting won’t interfere with other devices like your audio/video equipment, and you won’t experience any interference in your lighting.


How does Vive simplify the lighting design process? You will have a lot of freedom in which devices you incorporate into your commercial system. You can easily add or subtract lighting elements from different areas of your building so that you have the exact system that you require. If you’re not completely pleased, it’s easy to make adjustments when the elements are wireless. Talk it over with your lighting professional to develop a plan.

You can create a lighting scheme that can help you comply with lighting codes. One tip would be incorporating the Vive motion sensors that will shut off lights in areas where no one is active. At the same time, you can design beautifully lit spaces with tools like the dimmers.

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Wireless lighting control also drastically streamlines the installation process. Lutron has found that their Vive installations take 70 percent less time than traditional systems. For one thing, Vive requires no new wiring, so there won’t be any major disruptions to your workspace. For another, a lot of the setup can be done through a smartphone or tablet. With a little help from a friendly integrator, you’ll be surprised how simple it can be to totally revamp your lighting system.

If you’re ready to discover the latest and greatest in commercial lighting control, contact us today. Your whole office will be running smoother in no time.


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