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Make Your Home Smart to Make Your Home Sell

The Modern Homebuyer Looks for Smart Home Automation

Make Your Home Smart to Make Your Home Sell

We here in New York, NY understand how difficult the real estate market can be. While there are many factors, like location and demand, that can’t be controlled, you can still improve your home’s overall sell-ability with a few changes. Whether you’re looking to sell your place soon or you’re thinking ahead, incorporating smart home automation in your present apartment is a great way to increase its value. Plus, it offers buyers a great selling point: a space that is immediately ready for move-in. Your home will have a network of integrated electronics that can be customized to any homeowner’s preferences. To learn more about what makes a smart home exceedingly sellable, read on. 

What are Buyers Looking for?

If you need to sell your home soon, then the good news is that buyers are mainly looking for the fundamentals of home integration. You will not necessarily have to build a dedicated home theater or complete a multi-room audio and video system; instead, you can make small changes that will improve the apartment’s comfort and convenience. For instance, think about installing lighting control, motorized shades, wireless speakers, and security technologies. The important thing is that the buyer can see the ways these technologies work together to make their future home life easier through an integration system. Additionally, they’ll be able to test drive the system and see how easy it is to control each feature when they are under one set of controls throughout the whole home. Of course, if you’re planning for the future, then perhaps you want to incorporate larger solutions--like a dedicated home theater--and enjoy them yourself for a while.

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Strong Network

A good place to start is the network. A modern home can’t function well without an adequate internet connection. Working with an integrator can help you establish a strong network throughout your house. We will take your space requirements and technologies into consideration to lay down the perfect Internet foundation. Prospective homebuyers will know that, when they move in, their technologies will work to their fullest potential.

Energy Savings

Another selling factor associated with smart home automation are the green advantages. For one thing, you can use devices in your home specifically designed for energy savings, like LED lighting and screens. Plus, the integration system can include an energy management plan that will provide detailed information to help you and future homeowners find any inefficiencies. Finally, there are also ways to use the system for electricity savings. For instance, show potential owners how to create a lighting plan that relates to their daily activities: have the  bedroom and hallway lights turn on with your alarm, so waking up is easier. Then, schedule the lights to be turned off when you leave for work. This way the home uses only the energy that you need.

If you’re preparing your home to go on the market or simply want to increase your apartment’s value for the future, smart home automation is the way to go. If you’re looking for guidance throughout the integration process, contact us today. 


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