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Stay Connected When It Matters Most with a Reliable Home Network

Our Home Networking Solutions Meet Today’s Most Stringent Performance Requirements

Stay Connected When It Matters Most with a Reliable Home Network

Think of all the connected devices in your home that are helping you run a simpler, safer, and more convenient lifestyle. Your smart security system, home automation system, home entertainment system, and more depend on a reliable and secure network to operate the way they’re meant to.

Plus, activities like 4K video streaming and working from home are likely demanding even more from your home network. Our technology professionals provide robust home networking solutions for properties in New York City to help remedy performance issues and ensure your network can stand the test of your increasingly connected life.

Read on to learn more about how we can help keep you connected when it matters most.

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Faster Network Speeds

Before upgrading to a higher-tier internet plan, you may want to assess your slow connectivity issues first to see if there’s a proper fix. Restarting your router is a start, as well as checking that your router has the latest antivirus software installed, which keeps out bandwidth-hogging malware.

A strained network inevitably affects your network’s speed, and your router is likely the culprit. Some routers simply don’t have the capacity to handle data-heavy devices and digital streaming all at once. Upgrading to a higher-quality router with larger bandwidth, higher speed, and more durability may be just what you need. Our network professionals can assess your router’s performance and suggest an upgrade that fits your needs.

More Reliable Network Connections

Dead spots are a letdown when you rely on a strong internet connection throughout your home for everything from distance learning to productivity and entertainment. Your current router may not have the range needed to deliver a robust signal to every corner of your home.

We can solve this problem with strategically placed wireless access points in the dead spots of your home. We can also suggest a multi-node system that daisy-chains connectivity throughout your property. Your router should also have the latest wi-fi features, including stronger radio bands and antennas to mitigate frustrating lag and loss of connectivity altogether.

Brands You Can Trust

Our team works with several industry-leading networking manufacturers that design reliable, high-speed routers, switches, and access points for homes big and small. For a flexible and cost-efficient wireless solution, we trust eero. Enjoy hyper fast, super secure wi-fi in every room of your home that’s simple to manage with an intuitive app just a couple piece of equipment.

For a professional-grade network ecosystem that features a remote management solution, we trust Araknis + OvrC. Not only does Araknis deliver seamless, highly reliable networking products for homes of all sizes, but its partnership with OvrC gives us remote visibility to your network when there’s a connectivity issue, which minimizes the cost of service.

We also work with Ruckus, which offers a complete line of high-performance network solutions, including Wi-Fi controllers, indoor and outdoor access points, wired Ethernet switches, and more for expansive residential properties. Ruckus solutions promise ease-of-use and unwavering reliability even in the most demanding environments.

Now is a crucial time to ensure your home network can support your ever-growing connected lifestyle. Our team at Integrated Electronic Solutions can assess your network performance, identify issues, and recommend solutions for reliable and secure network connectivity now and in the future.

To learn more, reach out by using our online contact form. We look forward to assisting you.

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