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Take Control of Power Consumption with a Smart Energy Management System

Introducing the Sonnen EcoLinx

Take Control of Power Consumption with a Smart Energy Management System

What happens when the power goes out in your Greenwich, CT home? In the city, it’s difficult to run an emergency power source like a generator. If your building is very modern, perhaps it might have a generator backup to power essential services - but it may not power your home.

Until recently, the possibilities for storing energy in your home were minimal or not cost effective. But recent advances in battery technology have now made it possible to save energy for an emergency situation. Moreover, the smart energy management technology built around that battery technology makes it a system useful for more than just emergencies.

With the deregulation of electric power and demand-based pricing models, smarter energy management strategy has come to the fore. What if you could reduce your energy consumption when prices were highest?  What if you are energy conscious and would like to participate in demand response programs, where the utility can lower your energy use at peak times - but you don't want to sacrifice comfort? With an energy management system in your Greenwich, CT residence, you can take advantage of all those opportunities.

Integrated Electronic Solutions is proud to bring the state-of-the-art in energy management to Greenwich, CT with the sonnen ecoLinx system. The sonnen ecoLinx is the first product of its kind that can be linked with smart home automation systems. With both systems working in tandem, you can manage your energy consumption more intelligently than ever before - and always be ready when the power is interrupted. 

Keep reading to learn more about this new smart solution.

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Smarter Energy Management

Battery energy storage has typically been associated with solar power generation. While the sonnen ecoLinx is an excellent system for storing clean energy generated by solar, that may not be a viable option in your Greenwich, CT home. The beauty of the ecoLinx system is that it works just as well for storing power from the electric grid. This enables it to store less expensive energy during off times like overnight, and makes it available later at peak times or during outages.

What do we mean by smarter energy management? The ecoLinx uses advanced software to monitor your home's energy usage in real time and can adjust consumption without reducing comfort. You don't have to think about energy efficiency; the ecoLinx system is doing it for you. When used with other smart home control features like lighting and climate control, you are gaining multiple benefits in efficiency while maintaining all your home’s comforts at your desired levels.

Smarter energy management also means making better use of available information. In conjunction with smart home systems, the ecoLinx can use weather forecast data to anticipate power issues and intelligently store power - it’s like saving for a rainy day. Should a severe storm knock out power, you’ll be ready because the system has reserved enough to get you through it. It’s not just about comfort. If you have a significant investment in your wine collection, a stoppage to the cooling system could be very costly. With a sonnen system, you could continue power to your wine room and avoid the possibility of losses.

Energy Consciousness: Reducing Peak Demand

Demand response programs are methods that utility companies are using to reduce peak loads on the energy grid.  There are two main reasons for this. First, in many parts of the U.S., including here in the Northeast, the power grid infrastructure is aging and under stress - much like the subway system.  Second, peak usage times may require that additional plants are put online to meet demand, and sometimes those are coal-based, not efficient, and not the cleanest sources of energy. The ability to reduce demand intelligently enables utilities to lighten the strain on the grid and ensure power delivery to everyone - while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Intelligent energy management with sonnen ecoLinx makes demand response easier. In off-peak times, the system can store less expensive power from the grid. During peak times, the ecoLinx can disburse stored power intelligently without affecting lifestyle.  When the sonnen system is linked with smart home control solutions, home functions can work in unison, using energy wisely while also balancing comfort and convenience according to the homeowner’s priorities.

We are excited to offer this new smart energy management solution to Greenwich, CT homeowners. Call us at (914) 422-0071, or reach out to us here. We look forward to working with you.

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