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Take Your Home Audio and Video to the Next Level

Upgrade Your Entertainment System With These Ideas

Take Your Home Audio and Video to the Next Level

For many people, a home entertainment system consists of some TVs around the house and speakers in the living room. While that’s not a bad setup, you can expand your entertainment system beyond that. You can have your audio and video spread across your Greenwich home reimagine how you enjoy content. Here are areas you can expand your Connecticut home audio and video.

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Bathrooms often get overlooked as a spot to enjoy audio and video, but there’s no reason why they should be. It’s where most of us get ready to start the day, so why not install speakers to play tunes as you shower and wake up? If you like to catch the morning news, you can install a mirror TV, a mirror that can transform into a TV and change back into a mirror. How about watching something relaxing while soaking in your Jacuzzi tub after a long day? You can have a TV and speakers set up by your bathtub to watch your favorite show as you unwind. Voice commands or a waterproof remote can help you adjust channels and volume.

Home Theater

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our lives, many people are spending more time at home. Many of us have upped our streaming hours and are getting to catch up on the latest content across Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. Movie theaters remain mostly closed in Connecticut, so why not bring the theater to you? Home theaters offer a unique way to enjoy content at home and have access to elevated audio and video. You can do so much more than watch movies in your theater; streaming sports games and playing video games are other fun options. You can work with a home theater installer to get special acoustic treatments and audio optimized with measured speaker placement. They can also help you find the right display that’ll give you high-quality 4K visuals.

Outdoor Space

If you don’t have an outdoor entertainment system now, don’t miss out on having one this summer. There are so many ways to enjoy audio and video in your outdoor space. You can place outdoor speakers across your backyard to distribute sound evenly. Many are built to blend in with your landscaping, with some designed to look like rocks to remain hidden. You can even install speakers into your pool so you can swim to your favorite playlist. Having an outdoor TV can change the way you host movie nights too. You can move them from the living room to your backyard!

We hope you find inspiration to expand your Greenwich home’s entertainment system. Integrated Electronic Solutions is your local audio and video company you can trust to help you with such a project. Contact us here to get started!

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