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Technology Improvements Help Property Managers Stay Ahead

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Technology Improvements Help Property Managers Stay Ahead

From maintenance and rental collection to trash removal and renovations, residential property managers have many balls in the air at the same time. And while it’s wise to prepare for changes in the real estate market, busy property managers may find it difficult to keep up with the demands of their units and follow industry trends. In this edition of our blog, we highlight some top industry trends including the benefits of intercom systems and security cameras for Westchester, NY residential properties.

Take control with property-management software
Stop doing things by hand and instead, invest in property-management software that can save you time and help you be more effective. When selecting such software, you’ll want to take into account the types of properties being managed. Does the portfolio consist of residential, commercial, or rental properties? The answer to this question will influence the type of management software you choose. The software should have an interface that is clean and easy to navigate as well as integrate with other third-party services.

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Promote better security and more privacy with intercom systems
The advancement of technology within the communications sector has led to inventions that make communicating easier. One of the greatest developments is the intercom device. In residential settings, this technology helps homeowners to identify and verify guests while at the same time controlling who can access the property. Intercom systems are not limited to audio alone, but rather can also incorporate video for added security and convenience.

Other features of video intercom systems are the ability to connect with a mobile device so that a homeowner can unlock doors remotely or communicate with service personnel regardless of whether the homeowner is home or away. For parents, peace of mind is invaluable. Intercom systems allow parents to monitor children in other parts of the home.

Our partner Siedle is just as committed to functionality as they are to aesthetics. By the time a Siedle product comes to market, it has already undergone a series of grueling tests to ensure it withstands tropical heat, extreme cold, and salty sea air. With an intercom system, homeowners can easily and safely check to see who is at the main gate or the front door and speak with them before granting access to the property.

Help residents stay connected to their favorite places, people, and pets
Security cameras allow homeowners and residents with MDU spaces to view the inside and/or the outside of their homes, at any time and from anywhere. The benefits of adding a security system from IC Realtime are numerous. For one, home security cameras can deter would-be burglars and prevent a family from becoming victims of crime. With remote monitoring features, residents can easily check up on teenagers who are home alone, an elderly parent, or nanny by using their smartphone, office computer, or tablet. Don’t forget about the furry four-legged members of the family, who often get into mischief when no one else is home. With a home security camera, residents can ensure pets are safe and sound. Lastly, most major insurance companies will offer lower premiums if a property is protected with a professionally installed home security system.

Our partners at IC Realtime offer a variety of discreet security cameras that can stream video via WiFi and feature wide angles lens that capture wide video scenes. Regardless of the type of property you manage, IC Realtime has a camera to fit your application.

If you have further questions about intercom systems and security cameras, please contact one of our security consultants at 914-422-0071 or fill out our contact form online.

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