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Want to Simplify Your Digital Entertainment Experience?

New York Integrator Provides Home Audio Video Services

Want to Simplify Your Digital Entertainment Experience?

Wish you could listen to SiriusXM Radio in the kitchen while the kids relax in the family room listening to Spotify? When was the last time your entire family could agree upon which movie or television show to watch? The experts at Integrated Electronic Solutions can solve these dilemmas with whole home audio and video services. We’ll design and build a robust distribution system that provides you access to all of your audio and video sources from any room in your New York home. Read on to learn more about the advantages of whole home media.

The freedom to choose what you want where you want at any time

With so many different electronic devices in your home, from flat screen TVs and Blu-ray players to cable boxes and speakers, that’s a lot of technology to manage and share. With distributed audio and video throughout your home, you’ll no longer need to flip a coin to see who gets control of the remote or who chooses the playlist. Don’t limit your entertainment options, but instead access your favorite television shows, movies and music from any room using a smart device. Explore our gallery of projects for inspiration and to see what we can do for you.

Hide the clutter and toss out the remote control

Today’s digital entertainment options are almost limitless, and supporting the different needs of each family member requires multiple electronic components scattered throughout your home—but not anymore. Distributed video enables a single video source, such as a game console, Blu-ray player or satellite receiver, to be shared across multiple televisions. Plus we’ll hide all the equipment in a closet or in the basement, neatly out of sight, but where it can easily be serviced. You can effortlessly select the source using a smart device like a mobile phone or tablet and the location you want to enjoy your entertainment in.

Take the entertainment outdoors

Up your ROI in terms of enjoyment by investing in an outdoor entertainment system and turn the backyard into your own little paradise. We’ll select quality televisions and speakers built to withstand the elements, leaving your to worry only about what kind of food to offer your party guests. We’ll also take into consideration speaker placement so that you get the best in sound without disrupting your landscape.

Want to learn more about simplifying your entertainment experience while expanding your options? Give us a call at 914-422-0071. We love chatting about technology. Or if you prefer, fill out our online form

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