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Want Your Lights to Do More than Just Turn On and Off?

3 Smart Home Lighting Control Features You Can’t Live Without

Want Your Lights to Do More than Just Turn On and Off?

While not a new technology, home lighting control has become a prominent feature of most smart homes. When properly designed and installed, a lighting system can become so much more than a single glow by which you read the latest New York Times best-seller. Such a lighting system helps to keep families safe and comfortable in their own homes. Whether you desire a single room application or a control system for your entire New York home, the experts at Integrated Electronic Solutions can design a system as unique as your personal style. Read on to learn about 3 applications of a smart lighting system. 

1. Enjoy the convenience of lighting with motion sensors 
A home automation system with smart lighting can be programmed to turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave, meaning you never have to flip the light switch. The manner in which these features are applied is almost limitless. Smart lighting can function as a safe guard, illuminating you outdoor space when an unexpected visitor approaches or to welcome a car as it pulls into your driveway. Additionally, these sensors can relay a message to the system, telling it to turn on other lights like those at the front door or along pathways leading to your home. 

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2. Keep in the know with lights that communicate
Our team can also program your lighting system to activate based on certain events. Perhaps you have a media room or home theater in the basement with booming surround sound. We can program a specific light to blink a couple of times when someone rings the doorbell. Now you don’t have to worry about missing a phone call when the pizza delivery guy arrives on Friday nights.

3. Add ambience and complement your home’s décor with lighting 
The quality of light within your home can add to the ambience as much as the artwork and furniture do. With smart lighting, you can change the look and feel of any room in your home at the press of a button on a wall switch or a smartphone. Whether you’re watching your favorite show on Netflix, stretched out on the couch reading, or hosting a dinner party, there’s a lighting scene that’s just right for every occasion. With programmed scenes, you can easily recall a particular lighting scheme and easily set the mood for a party, movie night, or morning time. And don’t forget about your outdoor lights either. The same applications and versatility can be applied to the lights outside your home.

It’s time to start seeing your lights in a whole new way, as part of a dynamic system that can save energy, keep you and your family safe, and respond to many of your needs. Contact us to learn more about home lighting control.


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