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What’s New in Home Audio Video?

Start the New Year Right with the Latest Entertainment Options

What’s New in Home Audio Video?

This year, make a resolution to enjoy yourself more. With a new home audio/video system, you and your family will savor your time together at home. After a long day in the office, you can come home and relax by listening to your favorite music throughout your home or watch the game with a crystal-clear picture. Also, you will be creating a great space for entertaining guests. Is your Westchester, NY home ready for 2017, or does it still have technologies from the early 2000s? Maybe it’s time to upgrade for the New Year. Keep reading to learn about the latest trends in the world of audio/video and find out how they could impact your home. 

Hidden Technologies

Perhaps you think that designing a space with audio video components is about compromise: if you want a high-performing system you will need to have bulky equipment throughout your home. However, if you incorporate hidden technologies, you can have a beautifully designed space and great sound/picture.

Hidden televisions can come in numerous forms. One of our favorite options are mirror televisions. This solution is usually a framed screen that displays your favorite shows when on and a reflective mirror when off. Either way, your guests will be none the wiser.  If you’re having a Super Bowl party, your friends will be impressed by the excellent picture quality. If you’re having a quiet dinner party, no one will think twice about the lovely mirror above the mantle.

In terms of hidden audio components, there are also several options. Our favorite: In-wall speakers that are installed directly into your drywall to lie flush with the surrounding area and then can be painted over. These devices become virtually invisible. You can create a perfect audio experience, without the bulky speakers taking up space and distracting from your home’s design. 

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Multi-Purpose Media Rooms

While a home theater can be a great addition, some homeowners don’t want to devote a whole room to just this purpose. The latest trend is the multi-purpose media room that can adjust itself for many uses.

If you want a cinematic experience, you no longer necessarily need a specialized pitch-black room. With light rejecting screens and 4K projectors, any room can become a high-performance cinema. Also, you can utilize your smart home integration to close the motorized shades and turn off the lights in the rest of the room to create the ideal cinematic mood. When you’re not enjoying a film, change your settings to match your activity. You can create a pop-up style theater in the middle of your multi-purpose media room with the latest technologies.

Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers have become very popular in the past couple years. It’s clear to see why. These speakers are easily installed and moved around the home. Plus, they have made huge advancements in the quality of sound they emit. Many of these speakers can adapt their sound to match the acoustics of the room, adjusting the levels to prevent any sound distortion. Also, these speakers provide access to streaming services, so that you can listen to your favorite music at any time.

As a part of a total smart home, these speakers can take on broader roles. For instance, you can connect your wireless speakers to your smart home security system and have them emit an alarm sound if your home is breached. The combinations of technologies are virtually endless.

In 2017, enjoy your home more than ever by updating your home’s audio and video systems. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today.

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