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What Technology Integrations Can You Introduce Into Your Yacht?

Integrated Electronic Solutions offers Full Control to Marine Craft Owners

What Technology Integrations Can You Introduce Into Your Yacht?

While a day sailing the high seas is a great time to experience the peace and quiet of the ocean, there are times when the comforts of the shore are calling. As crafts become larger and more sophisticated a variety of on board computer systems and other options are available for installation. At Integrated Electronic Solutions we specialize in bringing these technologies to your yacht or luxury vessel. Our talented team of engineers can bring you a fully integrated system that is designed to work in unison. Yet, what kind of systems are available to bring to your marine vessel? 

Integrated Controls

Installing technologies in isolation can lead to a messy and inefficient system. Our team of experts can integrate control systems from manufacturers like Crestron andLutron to bring you the same quality integration you currently have in your home! With controlled systems operating lighting, shading and more, your yacht can be programmed with the same energy management systems that you use in your everyday life. Bring the comfort of any mood to every stateroom with fully regulated use of natural or artificial light. Let your fingertips control all of your systems, with one touch panel that can set the mood in any room of the vessel. One device can make life on the high seas truly easy living!

Distributed Audio and Video

Guests, owners, party goers and crew can all enjoy music and video throughout the vessel from one source or many with distributed audio and video.  Music from iPod’s, satellite radio or another streamed or stored source can be delivered anywhere and everywhere. Want to enjoy a movie in the cabin, while the invitees dance to music on deck? From satellite cable, to Apple TV or a Kaleidescape movie server, a variety of sources can be integrated into your yacht for on demand viewing on multiple displays.

Communication Systems


The backbone of any system is a well-designed network infrastructure. A main component of this infrastructure is a communication system that allows you to stay in touch with family and friends – or even tend to business – while at sea. IES can integrate the latest internet based phone systems as well as wireless access points for a totally connected yacht.  Satellite communication systems can also be installed to make sure that everyone on board is up to date in the latest news from the mainland.

No matter which systems you decide to integrate into your vessel, make sure that you choose a consultant with the engineering and problem-solving skills to creatively resolve any issues that may be unique to your integration project! Every installation can come with its own unique challenges, so make sure to hire a firm like Integrated Electronic Solutions with the experience and expertise in marine-grade electronics to bring you a fully optimized and integrated marine vehicle. 

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