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Why Should You Hire an Integrator for Your Home Theater Project?

Integrated Electronic Solutions has 4 points to consider…

Why Should You Hire an Integrator for  Your Home Theater Project?

Whether remodelling an existing space or constructing a new home (and home theater), you’re going to want to work with a personal technology professional who is adept at collaborating with interior designers, architects, electricians and more. Why? IES has a few reasons…

1- Save time and money
When you consult early with an integrator, the planning can prevent a variety mistakes from ever happening. IES helps coordinate the proper system selections, much like an architect works to understand your needs in order to design your perfect home.

2 – Gain Convenience & Peace of Mind
You’ll want to find a company that handles all facets of home integration so they can they connect the theater lighting controls (from any manufacturer), as well as the security, phone/intercom, video networking, multi-room music, HVAC controls, and everything else you want interconnected with your home theater.  You’ll also want a custom integrator that can provide simple controls that allow you to tie them all together.  Prep a movie viewing from anywhere in the house, or turn off all the lights and secure the rest of the home while you’re enjoying a film in your private cinema.

3 - Design Capabilities
In the same manner that you and your architect designed the house as a whole concept rather than designing each room in a vacuum and then hoping the overall look is consistent & fluent, you’ll want to hire an integrator that designs, specifies, installs, and interfaces all the low voltage systems.  And they should all work as one!

4 - Easy Future Upgrades
Extensive electronic systems are complicated. Use a company that will maintain CAD drawings to document all the system design work in coordination with the electrical and mechanical designs.  This provides you with an as-built record of all the technologies in the home which will become invaluable if you decide to make upgrades.  It is also a tremendous benefit to the future homeowner if you ever sell your home.

In essence, your decision to hire a home technology integrator will save everyone on the job considerable time and money. Questions? Don’t hesitate to call us at Integrated Electronic Solutions! We can walk you through every aspect of your future project.

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