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Why Today’s Sports Stadiums Look to Integration Services to Help Put Fans in Seats

IES offers insight on how new technology makes game day more interactive

Why Today’s Sports Stadiums Look to Integration Services to Help Put Fans in Seats

Modern integration solutions are allowing stadiums across the globe to cater to fan demands for next generation sports and entertainment experiences. More and more arenas are bringing together all forms of access, communications, entertainment and operations to draw more fans off the couch and into the game seats. So where does a technology professional like Integrated Electronic Systems come in? The answer is every step of the way.

From Barclay’s Arena and Giants Stadium in the northeast to Miami’s Sun Life Stadium in the south to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, and everywhere in between, head offices are making the investments to expand the level of fan and business customer enjoyment. At the core of such upgrades are the networking innovations and capabilities required for venues to capitalize current and future growth opportunities.

The same process that goes into programming your automated home lights, motorized shades and multimedia control to all work together goes into the custom LED and media options in the luxury skyboxes as well as the giant scoreboards and digital displays throughout a sports venue.

Incorporating advanced technologies and leading-edge solutions, professional integration firms like IES can offer such services as:

  • Wireless connectivity to enable fan interaction and participation for tens of thousands
  • High-speed wired and wireless networks for the internal staff with guest access for vendors, contractors, press and media and luxury suite visitors
  • State-of-the-art voice services and audio distribution infrastructure
  • High-performance multicast network supporting streaming video and other digital media
  • Connectivity for stadium Building Management Systems (BMS), including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)…and much more!

Services designed to help facilitate a smooth deployment and ongoing maintenance, including hardware coverage and software upgrades are by no means limited to stadiums and arenas. If you have a community center, place of worship or performance auditorium (for examples), don’t hesitate to contact us here at IES. Our process is collaborative, walking you through the design of the systems, preparing the schematics, and expertly planning all stages of the installation on your behalf.

Discover the full business value of your property with smart, personalized services from Integrated Electronic Solutions, and visit our blog often for even more insight on how the newest technology can improve control over your home, office, or a 50,000-seat stadium!

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