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Are You Dreaming of a Custom Home Theater?

If You Can Dream Your Next Home Theater, We Can Design and Install It for You!

Are You Dreaming of a Custom Home Theater?

Ask yourself one question: When dreaming of a custom home theater for your place in New York, NY, what comes to mind? For some, it is the image of bold loudspeakers, a massive TV screen, and rows of personalized leather chairs. That sounds amazing, but maybe you want something else. Maybe a motorized projector screen and hidden speakers is your kind of thing. 

At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we design and install home theater systems as unique as each of our hundreds of clients across New York. 

In this article, we show you just how complex and personalized your next home theater could be and how a professional installer can turn any dream theater into a reality! 

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Invisible, Powerful Hi-Fi Sound

At the heart of any home theater is an immersive surround sound system. Without it, a true cinematic experience would not be possible. Brands like Sonance offer a wide range of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and amplifiers that deliver hi-fi sound, all without interfering with the existing décor. Who needs massive loudspeakers and tangled wires behind the furniture? 

Depending on the dimensions, finishes, and layout of your home theater, we may need to take additional considerations to achieve hi-fi audio. For example, acoustic panels should be installed on the walls and ceilings, and the drivers in each speaker should be manually positioned for optimal performance. 

Where Did the Screen Go?

A large TV screen looks great anywhere, but what if you want the size minus the clutter? With a Sony ES 4K Ultra HD projector and screen, you get just that! Modern projectors are small and powerful, meaning we can install them virtually anywhere for you. A ceiling-mounted motorized screen could easily disappear into the ceiling. 

Lighting and shading control also play a critical role in recreating a cinematic experience, especially when glare can be an issue. When installed and programmed correctly, these lights and shades will set the mood for what will feel like a night out at the movies!

Take Control of the Experience

No custom home theater would be complete without an automation system. Using a smart Control4 interface, you could roll down the screen, turn on the projector and surround sound, and set the lights just how you like them with just a touch. Or you could do the same from your smartphone while microwaving the popcorn. 

The home theater of your dreams may be a lot closer than you think. Contact us today, and let’s turn dreams into reality with a cinematic experience tailored to your taste and preferences.