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Make Your Home Happier, Healthier, and More Entertaining

Learn about the benefits that industry-leading systems Control4, Lutron, and Savant bring to your luxury home and lifestyle.

Make Your Home Happier, Healthier, and More Entertaining

Smart home automation offers you the luxury and convenience of a home that enhances your lifestyle and responds to your needs. However, designing a system that fits you requires a knowledgeable and experienced integrator with innovative manufacturers you can trust.

At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we work with companies that exemplify the highest quality, flexibility, and reliability to not only meet but exceed your expectations. Three of these companies, Control4, Savant, and Lutron, develop products that are lauded by the trade press and homeowners just like you.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of technology that can make your Greenwich, CT home happier, healthier, and more entertaining? Continue reading to find out more.

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The Light Of Your Life

The lighting and shade systems from Lutron give you the ability to craft the perfect ambiance, save energy, become more focused and reap the benefits of balancing circadian rhythms.

The company’s motorized shades, blinds, and window treatments go back to the 1950s when they developed quiet motor systems. Today, the whisper-quiet products add style to a room while helping you manage heat from the sun. Available in fabrics and styles sure to accent any room or aesthetic, the shades integrate into any automation platform providing seamless scheduling and at a touch of button control.

The light in our homes affects more than our ability to see our way in the dark. The color and intensity throughout the day influence focus, vigor, and overall comfort. Acquiring Ketra in 2018 brought the ability to match and maximize the use of natural sunlight, keeping you in sync with the day and encouraging better sleep.

Personalized To You

Your home is not just where you live; it is the place where you are most yourself and where creativity thrives. Therefore, a control system should be more than just automated tasks; it should act and react to your needs, desires, and whims.

Control4 began with the mission to provide sophisticated and flexible automation that is easy to use and modify. Connecting their units and thousands of partner devices to work in unison means you are free to choose the products and services you want, and are never boxed off to a limited offering. Whether it is lighting, climate control, or distribution of your media around the house, Control4 delivers the ultimate in audiophile fidelity and ultra-high-definition video.

Your lifestyle and needs can change over time; how your control system works should accommodate life as it happens.  Control4 enables you to modify automated sequences, preset light levels, and even add basic devices without the need for a service call.

Control Your Way

Smartphones are ubiquitous; today, these devices are as common as carrying keys or a wallet (often replacing both!).  Savant recognized the potential for home control and was the first to implement the burgeoning iOS as their main user interface. Freeing you from bulky touchpanels and rows of switches, this method of management presents an already familiar user interface and sophisticated controllers.

Savant makes shaping your living spaces into your perfect vision simple as few swipes or the sound of your voice. Control lights to match your daily schedule or even the sun’s natural cycle in your geographic location, improving your outlook and health.  

Music inspires and moves us in ways other media cannot. Savant gives you the power to search across multiple streaming platforms, build personal playlists, and listen throughout the home from a single page.

A Better Home, A Happier You

With the right integrator, the home of your dreams is possible. Are you ready to take the first step to a house that suits you? Call us at (914) 422-0071 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation! We look forward to working with you!


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