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Pure365: The Ultimate Air Purification System

Live, Breathe, and Feel Better by Purifying the Air in Your Home

Pure365: The Ultimate Air Purification System

Do you have a healthy home? You may think so because you clean your surfaces, change the air filter, and dust each week. But what about your indoor air? Your air filter – even though you may replace it regularly – isn’t sufficient to remove all bacteria, viruses, and airborne contaminants. When you have an air purification system in your home in Westchester, NY, you’ll make your house a much healthier place to live.

Integrated Electronic Solutions helps you enjoy cleaner and fresher air again. A healthy smart home starts here! The medical-grade air purifiers we install from Pure365 effectively reduce the number of viruses, toxic particles, and mold in your home’s air. Learn how you can take a breath of fresh air again by reading our blog.

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The Purest Way to Live

As a homeowner, you probably already know that dirty air filters release unhealthy particles into the air. That’s why it’s so important to change the filter every month. However, you may not realize that an air filter doesn’t catch everything – even if it’s a HEPA filter. Introducing Pure365 air purification systems! Now, you can capture and eliminate nearly 100% of ultrafine particles, microorganisms, and volatile organic compounds.

The company offers several systems: Ultrafine Whole House Cleaner, Intellipure, and compact units. Their award-winning and patented DFS technology is state-of-the-art. The global wellness brand was awarded the Cornell University Innovation award for developing high-performing air and water quality systems. Also, with the Pure365 app installed on your phone, you can easily take control of your home’s air quality by changing settings, getting alerts, and finding educational articles.

A Healthy Home Starts Here

Did you know that the air inside your smart home could be more harmful than the outside air? Some studies have determined that it is 10 times more harmful! You could open your windows to air out your home, but it may simply circulate dust, dirt, and airborne pathogens. The best way to get clean air is to purify it. Integrated Electronic Solutions installs Pure365 air purifiers that seamlessly scrub your indoor air, making it breathable, clean, and fresh again.

Pure365’s systems capture even the smallest airborne particles, such as viruses. It is very quiet as well, so it works behind the scenes to give you the purest air possible – and you won’t even know it’s there. With that kind of protection, you’ll breathe easier and feel better too. A compact system is perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, or a small living space. For whole-home protection, the Ultrafine Whole House Air Cleaner is the ideal choice.

Do you want to improve the air quality in your home? Call Integrated Electronic Solutions at (914) 422-0071 or contact us here to get started with an easy consultation. We look forward to making your home a healthy place to live.

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