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Smart Home Control & Automation are the Pinnacle of Luxury

Experience More Comfortable, More Efficient Living

Smart Home Control & Automation are the Pinnacle of Luxury

You want to enjoy a life of luxury, both for yourself and for your family. After all, you’ve earned it. Today, your home in the Westchester, NY, area is a reflection of this success, with every room and outdoor space designed to fit your tastes and unique lifestyle. 

A smart home control system is a central component of modern luxury living, giving you the ability to manage, automate, and customize your technology systems. At Integrated Electronic Solutions, we can design and install it all for you.

Read below to learn why total home control is the ultimate sign of luxury, leading you and your loved ones to have a more comfortable, convenient, and efficient lifestyle.

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Luxury, Comfort & Convenience

The good things in life are meant to be enjoyed in comfort. With that said, what could be more comfortable and convenient than managing the details of your entire home from a single device? A Savant smart remote, or even your own smartphone, are the perfect examples. 

After a long day away from home, setting up the music, lights, and temperature to welcome you home at night is as easy as opening an app and tapping a few buttons. If that still sounds like a lot, there is also the option of automating it all to occur at a specified time. 

Either way, by the time you arrive at your front door and enter using a smart, touchless lock, your whole-home audio system will be playing all your favorite tunes. The lights, dimmed to perfection, help you feel instantly relaxed. The shades are up, revealing a breathtaking view. You put your phone away, sit down in the media room, and smile at the thought of absolute control over your home life. 

A Smart, More Efficient Home Life

Interconnected, wireless smart devices give your home the power and versatility to perform up to the highest industry standards. One tap on a Savant touchscreen controller and the entire media room will instantly transform into the ideal entertainment hub, leaving you no worries beyond selecting which movie to watch. 

Energy efficiency also improves significantly with automation and smart control. Our team will integrate lights, motorized shades, and thermostats into an easy-to-use climate control system that you can manage from anywhere in the world simply by pulling out your smartphone.

The Benefits of Hiring a Pro

From designing and installing a strong, reliable network to programming every device in your new home theater or media room, automating a smart home isn’t easy. With the best brands and the latest installation practices, we are here to help. Contact us today for any questions or to schedule an in-home consultation.