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What’s the Future of Wi-Fi Networking?

What’s the Future of Wi-Fi Networking?

The smart home integration industry grows exponentially year after year, as we can testify from going to events like CEDIA or CES. And right when you think you’ve seen the most robust automation and AV, you find bolder technology, or bigger TVs, or more immersive sound emerge into the market.

None of this technology can operate in a vacuum. You need an enterprise-grade network to run all of your current technology investments quickly and reliably while preparing you for the tech delights ahead when you decide to scale up your home. Keep reading to learn what the future of Wi-Fi networking holds for this decade and how it will speed up your Westchester, NY, home.

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What’s Wi-Fi 6?

When predecessor Wi-Fi 5 emerged, the average home only had about five devices in it. Now that homes feature up to ten – and we’re expected to hit 50 in the next several years – the Wi-Fi Alliance knew that homeowners deserved something faster and more reliable.

Enter Wi-Fi 6, which features 9.6 Gbps, compared to the 3.5 Gbps of Wi-Fi 5. While that’s more speed than any one device – or even a vast device network – ever needs, Wi-Fi 6 ensures high performance that raises industry standards and facilitates upgrades.

Before diving into the benefits, keep in mind that you will need a Wi-Fi 6 router to experience the increased speeds and performance enhancements of this new system. Integrated Electronic Solutions recommends only the best router and access point technology from leading manufacturers, Ruckus and Araknis, which guarantees the smoothest performance for your network and your smart home’s ecosystem.


Which Benefits Will You See?

Whenever a new and improved version of anything comes out, people tend to feel skeptical. How will you notice Wi-Fi 6 in your smart home? We’ve already touched on speed, but we’ll mention a few more here.

Better Battery Life - A feature called Target Wake Time allows routers to schedule designated check-in times with your smart home technology. In essence, this gives your router antennae some much-needed downtime by planning when they need to be powered on and searching for signals. These wake/sleep times allow your batteries some breaks, giving them a much longer lifespan.

Increased Performance in Busy Environments - When your family streams ultra-high-definition video in multiple settings throughout the house, everyone starts battling for bandwidth, causing frustrating lags and delays all around. Wi-Fi 6’s Multi-user multiple input, multiple output (multi-user MIMO) allows more downlink data to be transferred at one time, enabling access points (APs) to handle more devices simultaneously.

Improved Security - Every smart homeowner has feared compromised data at some point. Fortunately, Wi-Fi 6 ushers in a major data security update with WPA3. WPA3 makes it harder for hackers to guess passwords through repeated attempts. Even if hackers manage to find some data, this update makes the data less useful to the criminal, and thus, less harmful to you.

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